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Small Among Millions

I am only a small person among countless millions,
I live in a comfortable home on a quiet street,
I see the warm glow of the sun filtering through my kitchen window
as I sit and have my first cup of Joe. I contemplate the day ahead, 
I plan out the course of my time, of  the people I will
see of places I will go, of the things I will accomplish.
I listen for the sounds of my husband stirring in the
next room where he is still sleeping.
I savor each moment, each breath, each thought,
realizing just how blessed I am to be here, alive
on this beautiful day, beautiful even if it were raining,
I am chosen by God to be here, at this time in
this place, for this purpose.
Under my breath I say a prayer, a prayer only myself and
God hears. I thank him for the blessings of my life.
I talk to him about life and events that have impacted me,
about things that will change my life forever,
I look out the window and see the dawning of the morning
and with a smile and a gentle sigh, I leave it all in his hands
knowing that whatever comes my way will be according to
a divine plan. I pray that as a potter molds the soft pliable
clay that I will relax and let him mold my life as he makes
me into a beautiful vessel. A vessel used for his purpose.
I am only a small person among millions but I am his person
and I am blessed.

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  1. Cute cow... I love his expression. THose eyes. Sweeeeet. Hugs. Tammy