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Crazy Grandma

I used to tell my children. Don't have children, I don't want to be a grandma.

They would just look at me like I was crazy. I meant it, every single word.
When Lacy my youngest daughter became pregnant she did not even tell me.
I wonder why? Anyway inevitably I found out. I ask her, Lacy why didn't
you tell me? She answered; Mama you don't want grandchildren. How stupid I was.
Stupid is a harsh word but not harsh enough. Then my beautiful little Michelle was born.
Julangela I called her. She was so beautiful with silver blonde hair and a scream that
could shatter glass. Then my oldest daughter gave me two little boys. Both are mischievous and bold, both daring and acrobatic. They climb, and roll and torment my dog. They have broken my valuable things, and have won my crazy heart. I can't even remember not being a grandma nor do
I want to. So if you get a chance encourage your children to procreate and then hang on
for a fun exciting ride.


  1. Good morning.....I just went to your complete profile.....and Oh My have several blogs that showcase your art AND YOUR POETRY.

    You are truly amazing with all your talent.



  2. This is such a beautiful story/poetry. You're right ..Becoming a Grandma is absolutely wonderful! Glad you stopped by to see my blog, Angela!

  3. Loved this. I have seven. I went from just one little guy in 2003, who taught me what being a grandmother meant, so when the next six started coming starting in 2006 I was ready. They are fun but those little buggers steal your heart.

    I raised four sons and did not even think I ever wanted grandkids and I certainly wouldn't be babysitting them ... not as often as I do. There are weeks, because of having so many, that we may have a different kid or kids almost all week, different days.

  4. I had three kids to increase my odds of having grandchildren. Well, not only for that reason! But grandbabies you can spoil, ruin, rot their teeth, and then turn back over to mom and dad. Ha HA!! The sweetest revenge!!