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My True Love

As the shimmer of the cross fell across our paths and brought us together, so shall we ever walk as one. Your faults are hidden from me and all I see is a woman about whom I have dreamed all my life. A companion and friend, a soul mate and a lover who can never be separated from me. For if you were ever taken from me it would be as though my very soul would be ripped out. I would be as a useless pile of rubble. A heap of sadness. As I look at you my heart melts and I still feel the warmness flush over me which I felt when my eyes first found yours. From that very moment I felt it, a deep stirring within. Like burning embers my love for you grew into a raging fire. I am consumed with you. I knew that from that instant my life would never be the same. My wholeness as a man can never be complete without you by my side. I am the luckiest man alive to have captured your love, the most blessed to have felt the gentleness of your kiss and the pleasure that I feel when your hand slips into mine can in no way be described with simple words. I always dreamed of having a family but what I had imagined is nothing at all as precious as seeing you hold our baby girl and hearing her silly laugh. I am overcome with awe as you rest beside me and I hear the gentle breath come evenly as you sleep. As my hand traces the soft outline of your face I smile just knowing that you are mine and my life is even more than ever I could have hoped for. You my dear lady, are my everything. Let’s grow old together and walk down moonlit beaches with our toes in the sand as we lean our heads close together and I whisper those familiar words above the gentle crashing of the waves and you respond with I love you too.