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The Day After

The Day After
Now I know where Thanksgiving  got it's name.
Thanking God that it is over. I know I must have gained
a dress size. I ate so much Turkey that I am beginning to gobble.
We had so many pies and treats that I still remember how great each
one was. We played Dirty Santa with ornaments and what fun. Of course
I did not win the one I wanted but my sweet Nephews wife gave it to
me after it was all over. I said Oh! I can't take this from you and she said
we only wanted it to keep anyone else from getting it. How sweet :(
I got to hug my strong handsome son once again and my daughter in law
did an outstanding job as a hostess. The children played and laughed and
we were thankful once again for all the fun, joy, and food.
Even the dog was happy. My mom had
such a good time at 86 years old. We got up this morning and it looked as if
a bomb went off during the night. As we packed up and was getting in the
truck for the long ride home we heard shouts coming from inside the house.
I went back to the house to inquire if something was wrong. My nephew
laughed and said No! I was just shouting to drown out the silence.

Thank God it it over till next year


Thanksgiving Givingthanks

Thanksgiving       Givingthanks

Today I sit here among family who are here and the thoughts of family who are coming and ponder what it is I am most thankful for. The first things that come to mind right now without much thought is family. From the ones who are stooped and need the assistance of a cane or walker to the youngest who can't function alone. I have to say that right here right now it is not money or a fine home or a nice ride. It is family. My daughters who love me as daughters should love their mom and call me often just to tell me that they love me. My son who loves me in his own way and who calls me and says the funniest things. It is my husband who I depend on and lean on in more ways than even I know. It is my mom who has supported me in many different ways all of my life and who I find pleasure being in her presence even now. It is my sisters who make me laugh and who I still like to be around. It is their children who I helped raise.  It is a brother who is strong and a steady influence in my life. It is even my dog who right now is in a crate in the corner watching the commotion of a loud family with children running to an fro. I am thankful for love and the comfort of belonging but most of all above all else it is the breath of life that I have been given by a God who is much, much bigger than myself. Who has put me here for such a time as this. For these things I am thankful and may I never quit givingthanks for even the simplest of things.