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Dinner or Dinner

Dinner yum, yum. I have only eaten a sandwich today so I am pretty hungry as I smell the aroma of fresh greens and fresh baked ham being prepared nearby. Home made rolls bake in the oven and the smell drifts by my nostrils making me much more aware of my hunger. My mouth becomes moist as I apprehend the fact that soon I will be eating at a table filled with delights fit for a king. A warm apple pie is sliced and waiting for me to sample its filling which has been prepared with just the right amount of spices to make my mouth water even more. All of this brings to mind something my sister Sandy told me today. She was sitting out on her deck when she heard the soft meow of a kitten nearby. Oh no! not another stray. She has owned cats before or rather been owned by them. They remain outside and assume the name Deck Cat. Well seeing the ravished little kitty she was filled with compassion and went inside to find something delightful for the little thing to eat. Her husband came out and they discussed the fate of the little feline. They would feed her tonight and if she remained till the morning she could possibly become the new Deck Cat. As my sister arose the next morning while waiting for her first cup of Joe to brew she inched the door open a crack and to her hidden joy there she was, looking sheepishly at her through the crack. Meow, meow soft, faint and innocent came the low sound from the poor little kitty. Plundering through the fridge Sandy found some left overs and knowing the kitten would surely starve she went out to feed her even before she had enjoyed her own cup of coffee. It could wait, her new found pet had needs. Soon the little kitten was basking in the sun purring softly. While stopping for a minute to feed her goldfish in a pond placed on her deck a smile came across Sandy's face just knowing that this will be a good one. She went back inside to finish her morning ritual when her husband came in with a sheepish grin he said have you seen the kitty. Yes she answered, I fed her already. Are you sure he said ? I think there is something you need to see. They walked together out the pane glass door to the deck to see what the deck cat was up to. Nothing caught her eye. The cat sat there perfectly still. What a good cat. Her husband Jimmy said I think you need to take a closer look. Then she saw it, her fish pond empty except for green lily pads and grass. No fish could be found. Ahh! No wonder the cat was so happy she had ate all the gold fish, yes, every single one. So thinking back as my sister fed the helpless little creatures she had actually baited them for the cat from the bad place. Dinner or Dinner.


The Spider or the Fly

A web starts as a thought from a little 8 legged creature called a spider. Maybe not even a thought but just something he does. Something that he is compelled to do. He lives out his whole life making his web. Each night and day he spins and builds and drops just hoping that some unsuspecting fly will venture nearby. He waits in the dark corners with unquinched anticipation for his catch. Then the wind blows and a hole is created in his web rendering it useless. Useless for today that is because tonight he will spin again and tomorrow and the next day for the rest of his life. It doesn't matter that it is destroyed repeatedly he just rebuilds. What about me. I try to live right , a pure and holy life and day in and day out I meet obstacles and I become discouraged. Oft times I want to give up , to quit , to throw in the towel, but I cant I must keep working , keep building on what I know, on what I learn each day and I must find the strength that when what I build or do is torn down, I must get up and build again. I must continue the fight day in and day out until I die. Then will be my reward. At the end of the day that I may rest.


Hummingbird Wars

Humming bird Wars came to mind as I sat out on my deck this afternoon watching the hummingbirds dance, the bees buzz quickly by and inhaling the faint sent of flowers as my neighbor cut grass next door. I could hear the gentle tinkle of the wind chimes behind me. And then there he was, the bully. Bold and beautiful though very small he viciously fought for his food, the red sweet nectar I had prepared earlier and placed in the store bought feeders. I don't know why they cant share but it soon became apparent that sharing is not possible. No not at all The little feather light bird was determined and as other birds approached he would quickly swoop down and try to stab them with his black beak which came to a sharp point. I watched and he never gave up. Some birds did slip by him to drink but he did not like it , no sir, not one bit. Hummingbird wars continue. I am inside now but looking out my kitchen window I can see that the fight is still on. Vicious and fast. Neverending.