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Hummingbird Wars

Humming bird Wars came to mind as I sat out on my deck this afternoon watching the hummingbirds dance, the bees buzz quickly by and inhaling the faint sent of flowers as my neighbor cut grass next door. I could hear the gentle tinkle of the wind chimes behind me. And then there he was, the bully. Bold and beautiful though very small he viciously fought for his food, the red sweet nectar I had prepared earlier and placed in the store bought feeders. I don't know why they cant share but it soon became apparent that sharing is not possible. No not at all The little feather light bird was determined and as other birds approached he would quickly swoop down and try to stab them with his black beak which came to a sharp point. I watched and he never gave up. Some birds did slip by him to drink but he did not like it , no sir, not one bit. Hummingbird wars continue. I am inside now but looking out my kitchen window I can see that the fight is still on. Vicious and fast. Neverending.

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