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The Spider or the Fly

A web starts as a thought from a little 8 legged creature called a spider. Maybe not even a thought but just something he does. Something that he is compelled to do. He lives out his whole life making his web. Each night and day he spins and builds and drops just hoping that some unsuspecting fly will venture nearby. He waits in the dark corners with unquinched anticipation for his catch. Then the wind blows and a hole is created in his web rendering it useless. Useless for today that is because tonight he will spin again and tomorrow and the next day for the rest of his life. It doesn't matter that it is destroyed repeatedly he just rebuilds. What about me. I try to live right , a pure and holy life and day in and day out I meet obstacles and I become discouraged. Oft times I want to give up , to quit , to throw in the towel, but I cant I must keep working , keep building on what I know, on what I learn each day and I must find the strength that when what I build or do is torn down, I must get up and build again. I must continue the fight day in and day out until I die. Then will be my reward. At the end of the day that I may rest.

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