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For the love of friendship I painted these. The name because as I looked at them they
reminded me of friendship. I have a wonderful friend who I truly call my best friend. I am unafraid
of what she will think of me no matter what I do or where I am. She is dependable like a rock. She has always given great advice and I am comforted by her words even when they are probley wrong. When my 
husband and I decided to go for a travel nurse assignment I invited her and even tho she said no...Well ! She 
loved Wyoming. She has protected me from bears and sat quietly in a chair with a good book while I fished because she hates fishing. We are both a little grayer and a little wiser but we are now and 
always will be best friends. She is a rock in my life, the kinda rock that turns out to be a diamond. 
Love you Gloria!


When You Feel Like a Nobody

When You Feel Like a Nobody
Today I got up and of course grabbed a cup of coffee and went to sit in my 
white sturdy rocking chair on my front porch. As I set there I contemplated about my life
and my blessings. For my Bible reading I turned to 2 Kings 5:2
It tells about a little maid who was taken captive out of the land of Israel against her will.

This peaked my interest. She was captive which tells me against her will and tells me
she did not ask or choose to be there. I am sure that she would have rather been at home and not in a strange land with the duties of a servant.  I don't know her name she was just a maid. A person
serving someone else. This little maid heard about a man called Naaman a mighty man of valour who 
had an incurable disease Leprosy. She said...Oh if  Naaman would just go to the prophet he could recover him of his leprosy. Naaman's wife told someone the words of the little servant girl. Naaman was sent to the King of Israel who tore his clothes saying I can not cure this man but the prophet instructed him of what he should do to be made whole.

In reflection....sometimes we think life is hard and that nobody cares about us or even knows
that we are alive. Sometimes life is difficult and we find ourselves in uncomfortable circumstances, In situations that we just want out of. Sometimes we are surrounded by self pity
 and pain and nothing will come out of our lips except crying and sadness. Just remember that just maybe
it is because you are the one who has been placed here for such a time as this. You are the one will give hope to the hopeless and who will stand up in the face of adversity and proclaim faith and encouragement. 
Maybe it is you who will do something which will affect or even change the life of someone you don't even know. Maybe you are the one who will change your world. 
Maybe when you feel like a nobody and no one even knows your name you are mighty in the eyes of God!


She Called Today

She Called Today
          Today as I drove home from work thoughts filled my mind. My daughter Julie is in the Marines on a ship somewhere in the world. It is hard not knowing where and even now my thoughts go to her. She has two small boys. Paul in Kindergarten, Logan in preschool. She is missing events in their life and you may say she chooses this. Well yes and no....Isn't everything a sacrifice. I am proud of her, thankful for her. Like so many other moms out there with children in the military the feeling is bittersweet. We miss family, even when she is home she is stationed far far away. She will be at Miramar in California when she gets back and I am in the lovely state of Alabama so even when she is here we can't have that closeness we would like. Like the pleasure of being able to visit each day, like watching my grandchildren grow up. I follow them with pictures,but for those times we do have together we enjoy every moment. We drink many pots of coffee and tell many tales. We get up early so we can just talk and when it is time to go we cry once again. We miss so much but we still love each other with an undying love. 
      Isn't life funny? She called today from a ship in the middle of some ocean...she called....Me her mom. So now I am happy once again and it will be ok until next time I hear from her.