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The Other Side of The Rainbow

The Other Side of The Rainbow
James Elisher Johnson
June 28 2010 my dad went to the other side of the rainbow.
In his memory I post this.
Who was he? I never want to forget so while it is so fresh it hurts I will tell you.
He was a great dad. He was good to me. I can remember when I was a small child he held me lovingly in his lap. He smiled at me a lot with my blonde curly hair I thought he hung the moon. I knew he loved me. I felt it always. He taught me so much, from fishing, and playing to hard work he helped to make me who I am today. He taught me to never give up and that nothing is impossible to those who persist. He was a hard worker very rare was the time that he would take a break. He was up at first light and to bed early. He taught us never to cheat , lie, or steal. He held us to a high level of honor. He had steel blue eyes and gentle hands. He was missing part of his thumb from an accident. He had soft gray hair which was always neat and trim. I remember him in overalls and in later years a baseball cap. He loved fresh tomato's and mayonaise in his lima beans. He was an avid fisherman and had a camp on the Alabama river. He taught me to fiddle for worms, tie on a fish hook and how to clean fish, and roof a house. He didn't go to church when I was a child but prayed a lot during his last days here. He called me puddin. He thought I could do anything. I thought he could. I loved him more than even I realized. He loved cats, and sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds. He could be found there early in the morning as the sun came up. His coffee was always a half a cup with just a little creamer. I can remember him whistling as he worked. In fact I just remember him. Randy Travis wrote a song about him , it was titled I thought he walked on water. I know it had to be about him because it described him to a T. When I think of him I think of the river, of fishing, and hard work, a big open smile and hands that rolled biscuit dough. When I would say I can't he would say yes you can. I remember hearing him say I love you baby.

I miss him already.