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I Dream a Dream

As a night bird sings a familiar song my
 hopes and dreams go on and on,
dreams of houses big
and cars shiny bright, or will I be content tonight?
My house is small but my roof don't leak,
and in my kitchen there's food to eat.
On my feet is a pair of hose
full intact without any holes,
My shoes are sound, I walk where I will,
and for this day I have paid all  my bills,
What more can I ask, I am sickness free
but if some were to come to me,
I'd still have to say that my lifes been good,
my dreams fulfilled as only God could.
As the little bird sings his song tonight,
I rest easy knowing that I am alright.


  1. Angela, thanks so much for the visit to my blog. Have just had a "tour" of your wonderful paintings and writings. Wow, such talent in both departments! Hope we can keep in touch.

  2. Seeing as how I love birds this is spectacular.!!! I got permission from another blogger to paint some elderberries from a photo she put up. I can't wait to tackle it but truly, I'd rather see you do it, ha.

    Loved the poem.