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What Have I Done?

As days of life drift slowly by I often wonder what I was put here for?
I am a friend to the friendless, a mother to my children, a sister to my siblings, a child
to my mother, a wife to my husband, a co-worker to my co-workers yet in all of this am I
doing and being what I should to fulfill my purpose? Do I do enough? Do I give enough?
Have I influenced one soul in a positive way? Have I been the reason for positive change in the
life of others? Am I about my fathers business or have I goofed off and dropped the ball?
Only time will tell so I continue hoping that in the end I will somehow have pleased
my maker, the maker of heaven and earth, the only one who matters.


  1. I believe we have moved mountains and healed the sick when we have recognized the divinity that created us in just one person along the way. The ripples go out...

    and that is our Father's work for us. IMO..

    Beautiful painting!

  2. Hi Angela,

    It is so nice to meet you via your visit over to my place, thank you for coming by and leaving me your sweet note. I have been exploring your blog and I love it. I particularly like this painting you. The colors are of my favorites and I love the mirror effect. You have a true God given talent to be self taught and doing so well!! Amazing! I really love your thoughts that connect your everyday life back to what really matters: our Daddy and getting others there to Him. How He must smile on you for that. I will be back to visit you and keep you in my prayers.