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Safety at Sea

As a ship upon the oceans sail its tossed both here and there,
A storm comes up the winds they blow the sea becomes a snare,
Will it stand, or falter fast upon this raging tide,
It's steadied now on quieted seas, The makers hands the guide.
My ship it sails on tides of pain of deep and dark despair,
Yet when I feel like falling low his arms I know are there,
He picks me up, he holds me close, he'll never let me go,
I know the master of the storm, He loves me this I know,
As a ship upon the oceans sail it's tossed both here and there,
I worry not about my life because I'm in his care.


  1. You did a beautiful job with this painting..very soft ..wonderful! And your poetry is amazing..very impressive Angela.

  2. Your paintings are very pretty. Well done. I love the colors you choose for each project.

    is this your everyday blog?

    Hugs. Tammy

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  3. Stories so poignant or poems so beautiful and love your paintings here on this blog