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Amazing Grace

Today I went to Sunday school. I saw a smiling face.
We sang how Jesus loves me, of his amazing grace,
The preacher stood before us with a smile upon his face,
He told us of a story where true love was displaced,
The boy left home and spent his all, he squandered all he had ,
He lead a life of trouble then he thought back to his dad,
He looked up from a pig pen with mud upon his face,
He said I'll just go home to dad a servant at his place,
He walked along the dusty road his steps a rapid pace,
He wondered if they'd welcome him, would they reject his face?
His dad glanced down the dusty road, Who is that lad I see?
I can't believe my eyes he said God's brought him back to me.
With hurried steps he ran to him, he welcomed him with glee,
Today we'll have a feast for kings my boy's come back to me.
 Today I went to Sunday school, I saw a smiling face
I've come back to the father, I sing Amazing Grace.

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