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Selfless Friendship

Friendship is often experienced by many. We all like to say we have friends and more importantly are a friend. Well this is a little clip of a story told to me once again by a friend of mine Sistern Jabang. This is a story of an event that happened on just an ordinary day. Sistern had moved here from Africa. He lived in an apartment complex equipped with a beautiful swimming pool. However there was a slight problem, Sistern couldn't swim. One day his roommate and he was playing around the pool when his roommate decided to take a dip in the pool. He jumped in and managed to swim to the middle before he started to sink. Sistern standing on the side looked in amazement as his friend sank to the bottom and did not come up. Selflessly Sistern jumped in. Remember now , He couldn't swim a lick. He sank to the bottom and crawled over to his friend who was not moving at all by this time. While holding his breath he crawled along the bottom of the pool and pushed his friend over to the side and lifted him up to people waiting at the side then he, unable still to breathe, turned around and crawled to the shallow end of the pool. When he got to his friend he started CPR and remained with him till the ambulance crew arrived. He could have drowned. He could have lost his own life but instead he saved one, just because he did not think of his own self, just because he cared enough to risk it all. What a guy.

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