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The Colors Of My Life

The colors of my life. Bold or plain. Brilliant or Monochromatic. Changing daily as my moods swing, as my life changes and shifts with each twist and turn. Colors are beautiful things. Reds, Greens, Yellows, Blues in all shades and values. I think now of one of those greeting cards you see that is all black and white except for one colored item. That colored item is me in a world of change. I love my life. Even on a bad day I love who I am and am happy with who I will become. I am not rich and never will be but that is ok. I am happy with who I am. I don't need a mansion or fancy car. All I need is what I have. a home, a job, a family who loves me, children who I am proud of and a husband who has always treated me like royalty. Today I think I will choose to be bright pink , or maybe even a brilliant lime green. I will leave the greys and blacks for another day. Tomorrow we will just see what color will pop up in my carnival of life. What color will describe this carousal in which I am a part.

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