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My Sisters Don't Know It All

My sisters don't know it all. Of course they always think they do. They are pretty smart and often give advise whether I need it or not. This past week my sweet husband Benny had a major abdominal surgery and experienced some complications and it was during this time that I learned exactly what my sisters don't know. Both of them. There really is quite a lot that they don't know. First of all they don't know just how much I love them and that would be with all my heart. They don't know that even though I might not have been as jolly as I should have been I was comforted by their presence. They don't know how awesome it is when I say "but you don't have to come" for them to say hush We will be there. They don't know how beautiful their faces at a time of sadness and tense calm. And then they went home, a four hour drive yet when I called and told them he had a heart attack they turned right around and came back. Did I say how much that meant. Did I mention how much my heart leaped at the sight of them. Oh yea and let me mention my sister Sandy who cooked the best Lima Beans and Cornbread and Pork that I have ever tasted and my sister Jeannie who stayed home and kept the children and cleaned my house so we could be at the hospital. I can never thank them enough, I can never repay their kindness, but then I don't have to cause they are my sisters, my friends, my family. Oh yea and I know I will think of them each and every time I see those little hummingbirds getting fat while drinking from the feeder which my sisters gave me. I say again thank God for them, Dumb siblings, Sisters.

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