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The Barn Out Back

The Barn Out Back
I painted this today and wondered what kind of things hide in a barn.
When I think of barns I think of the thick sweet smell of hay. Then if you listen closely
the scurry of mice. Spiders may lurk there but not the nice kind like in Charlotte's Web.
It brings to thought my life. My soul to be more precise. What things have I allowed to be hidden there?
In the past few years I have allowed things like cobwebs to form in the corners. Many are hidden
in the crevices out of view from the people who know me. I haven't prayed enough. I have let
the burden of prayer for my family fall on someone else. I have put off fasting as I should.
I am Pentecostal by faith and I do believe in baptism in water in Jesus name
 and the infilling of the Holy Ghost . I was awakened to tears this morning as I had dreamed of my dad.
He died last year and in the dream there was an a man who I thought was an angel and he ask me
if I had witnessed to my dad. I awoke and thought I will call and talk to him now then I startled when
I realized he is gone. I will never have that opportunity again. Did I miss my chance? I can't remember.
I hope that from this point on I will not miss any opportunities. I want to pray more, to intercede for
those who are lost and to help those in need. I want God to clean my barn. I want him to make in me a new
creature. I want to be pleasing to my savior. I want to go to heaven but I want to take someone with me.


  1. Beautiful! I love old barns.

  2. Hi Angie, of course Charlotte's Web was one of the things that came to mind when I saw your barn. Great job!