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Winter makes me think of toasty things like hot chocolate,
warm coffee and campfires,
Winter makes me think about family and friends and birds in the brown
grass begging for food.
It makes me think of how lucky I am to sit in a warm house and the embrace of 
warmth as it encircles me from head to toe as I sit in front of the
fire and hear the inviting crackle of the flames.
Winter makes me think of home.

Winter makes me think of people on the street who stand around a
barrel to warm their freezing hands. It makes me think of gloves
with missing fingers and blankets filled with holes. It make me think of the cold, of bone
chilling dampness and loneliness. It makes me think of the hungry and those with
no one to care. It makes me think of soup kitchens and animals which shiver in the
cold rain. It makes me think of how blessed I am.

Winter is many things to many people.
This winter I feel God and know that I am special.
This winter I am warm.


  1. Angela, you are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing your remembrances and cute painting of the dog. Stay warm; Spring is only three months away. (Brrr for now!)

  2. What a beautiful and sweet piece. It's very adorable and charming.

  3. ohhh before i leave had to comment on this cutie ---LOVE it.