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In the Storm We Are Made Strong

Today! Yet another day to breath his name, another day to serve him.
I stand in awe at all the beautiful things he has done for me. Things which I don't deserve.
 A couple of years ago I tore my rotator cuff. I have never known such pain in my body and
in my soul. I hurt both day and night without relief. I was on a lot of pain medication and
took sleeping pills for a couple of months. I had to sit up to sleep.
I became angry with God. I prayed and no relief came.
I ask God to take the pain away yet day after day I hurt. I didn't care if I died.
I wanted to climb out of this darkness but wasn't able. I went to church and ask for
prayer but nothing seemed to help. I felt like I was deserted and no one cared.
Months went by and I began to crawl out of the darkness and little by little
day by day things got better. Today I look back and can say thank God for
the storm. I did not realize how venerable I was. I thought I was safe and secure
in my faith and my love for God and then at a moments trouble I gave up.
It taught me to stay closer to the throne. To pray more and never, never give up.
Through the storm we are safe in his arms. He never leaves us when we are down.
The only footsteps walking away are our own.
In the storm we are made strong.

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  1. Great post, Angie. I like to see us as "supple" in God's hands. If we bend with His will, we will not break.