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Top of The Mornin

Top of The Mornin
Today is a wonderful day because I am still breathing, and breathing easily I might add.
I do not need supplemental oxygen. I can walk without a cane and I don't have to be confined to a
wheelchair. I am somewhat in my right mind. I can and do make my own decisions. I am able to support
myself. I have a great job as far as jobs  go. I am a nurse and have been part of saving the lives of others.Better than that I have an awesome home life. I am a painter of
pretty things. Some are good and some not so good. I have the pleasure of loving and being loved by my
husband, my children and my grandchildren. When I do have a bad day I have comfort in knowing that there will be a tomorrow. And if not, that will be okay too because I will hopefully be going to an even better place. So in light of all this Top of The Mornin to ya! Have a blessed day.

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