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I'm Just No Good Without Him

I'm Just No Good Without Him
My husband who from this point on I will refer to as My Benny is in
the hospital. I am Home Alone and I don't like it. Not only am I sad but I hear
things that go bump in the night. My dog Oliver is even sad. For instance today
I came home from the hospital and he is just howling to beat the band. I sat down on the sofa and even though I tried to console him he just wasn't right. Another reason that I know I'm just no good without him is that I went into the kitchen to make me a balogna sandwich and I glanced at the dog dish and realilzed he was totally out of food. No wonder Oliver cries when he is left alone with only me. I miss My Benny and want him to come home. I'm Just No Good Without Him.

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  1. Prayers go out for you, Benny and Oliver. Hope all will be well real soon.