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Giving Love Away

Giving Love away is what I think of when I think of giving my precious dog Sebastian away. Sebastian is an 8 year old Shih-tzu. He is white and brown and has the softest fur. He is a dog of his own. He thinks that he owns the world and everything in it. He sits around the house like majesty. When he barks for food or whatever he wants at the time he looks up at you like ,are you crazy? Can't you understand dog. We included a miniture schnauzer in our home when he was about two years old and he was depressed or sad for about a year and yes he made us pay. He would not talk to or sit with us. He became a loner. Then one day he was happy again. Playing with the new puppy and of course teaching him who was boss. Well the title I gave this is
Giving Love Away. Giving Love Away because I have been considering a new home for Sebastian. As he has gotten older he has also become lazy. He does not want to go outside. He just finds the floor a great place to pee. He don' t mind I guess it smells good to him. I however, am not the least bit impressed. He also barks at a lot of things that are important to him but meaningless to me.
I even listed him with a small dog rescue which I have not heard back from. Then as I think about it, he looks up at me with those large all knowing brown eyes and I think to myself once again, How can I just Give Love Away. And then as I clean the carpet and furniture once again I think maybe ,just maybe I will give him one more chance.

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